Straight Talk with John Lauriello

The presidential election is still several months away, and I think people are worn out already.

To me, it feels like the current president has been campaigning since he was elected. Then, on the other side of the aisle, we had Republicans beating each other up for over a year. Every time they have a chance to win an election, they seem to screw it up by fighting with each other.

Personally, the far right scares the hell out of me as much as the far left. Maybe more so. Continue reading “Straight Talk with John Lauriello”

Done Deals

Who else has had a really busy spring? We’re not complaining at all, but thankful April was one of our busiest months of the year so far.

Here are a few of our top done deals from last month.

David Ashford, CCIM represented the landlord in the sale of the 6,820 SF former Village Wine Shop located at 2020 Cahaba Road in Mountain Brook, Alabama. The space will be converted to an office building. Continue reading “Done Deals”

Southpace raises the roof IQ

By Melissa Achuff, Property Manager 

When it comes to commercial property management, there are a variety of building components that must be maintained in order to keep each property operating efficiently.

While the HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems are given consistent attention, there is a tendency to forget about the roofing system. It definitely shouldn’t be overlooked.  Continue reading “Southpace raises the roof IQ”