Shared Success

As a member of the Retail Brokers Network (RBN), Southpace found this article that originally appeared in the May 2013 Shopping Center Business issue particularly interesting. We’ll be at the RBN booth at RECon Las Vegas next week. Be sure stop by and see us at C111 Union Street if you’re attending this year’s show. 

The Retail Brokers Network is expanding to international locations. Its growth story has been inspired by an unusual internal culture. Continue reading “Shared Success”

Straight Talk with John Lauriello

Southpace is now 29 years old and we are very proud of the company we have developed.  We pride ourselves as being totally independent and our goal is to help our clients make decisions that work best for them, period—not to do what works best for us.

We do not develop properties for our own accounts and do not compete with clients by owning properties that are in direct competition with the clients we are supposed serve.  Our company does not have ownership in any properties — none.  Continue reading “Straight Talk with John Lauriello”

Southpace Engaged to Manage and Lease Riverchase Village Shopping Center (video)

We have recently been engaged in the management and leasing for the Riverchase Village Shopping Center located at the intersection of Highway 31 and Lorna Road near the Riverchase Galleria Mall.

“The leasing and management of Riverchase Village Shopping Center presents a tremendous opportunity for Southpace,” said Tommy Joyce, CCIM, Senior Vice President and Director of Property Management for Southpace. “The property is well positioned in a very dynamic retail trade area.” Continue reading “Southpace Engaged to Manage and Lease Riverchase Village Shopping Center (video)”

Southpace Brokers Complete $6.5 Million in Transactions During the Month of April

Spring is typically a busy time for everyone, and the month of April was particularly busy for Southpace brokers. We completed a wide variety of deals throughout the month, including those in our retail, industrial and office divisions.

Two of our biggest deals include a lease renewal for Zoe’s Kitchen at their downtown location and a ground lease to Walgreens at the corner of Highway 31 and Lorna Road with plans for a new pharmacy to open late this summer. These and other transactions for the month of April total $6.5 million.

Continue reading “Southpace Brokers Complete $6.5 Million in Transactions During the Month of April”