Rotary Club of Birmingham Panel

Southpace Principal, John Lauriello, Sloss Real Estate President & CEO, Cathy Sloss Jones, Shannon Waltchack Partner, Derek Waltchack, Dick Schmalz of RGS Properties, and David Silverstein of Bayer Properties served on a Rotary Club panel yesterday, October 26th, to discuss all the positive growth and development in the City of Birmingham and their ongoing projects and their impact on Birmingham. John also moderated the panel discussion.

Birmingham Bar Association Leadership Forum/Innovation Depot

Southpace Principal, John Lauriello, Hoar Service VP, Stacey Berthon, and Bayer VP, Sam Heide served on a panel for 45 minutes last Thursday, October 13th to discuss all the positive activity and developments in the City of Birmingham, especially the Downtown, Southside, Avondale, Woodlawn, Lakeview and Crestwood areas of town. The forum was attended by over 25 young attorneys in Birmingham plus the panel.