Featured Property: Historic Enslen House

This week’s featured property is the historic Enslen House located at 2737 Highland Avenue South in the Highland Park neighborhood of downtown Birmingham across from Rhodes Park. The 8,274 square foot marble-clad building that once stood as the former Birmingham banker Eugene F. Enslen’s home has since been remodeled into an office space and has served as the Trimmier Law Office most recently. Continue reading “Featured Property: Historic Enslen House”

Why You Need A Commercial Real Estate Broker

Whether you are a seller or a buyer in commercial real estate, it’s important that you have the best people on your team to get the most out of the deal. Cue a well-qualified commercial real estate broker. We’ve come up with a few things we think are critical qualifications for brokers to possess and for you to look for when making your decision on who to bring onto your team. Continue reading “Why You Need A Commercial Real Estate Broker”