Inside Southpace with Bryan Holt, CCIM

bryanholt_color_loresA review of 2015 and what’s to come in 2016.

In our 2013 newsletter, I talked about leadership and how involved our brokers and I had become in leadership roles across the industry and also how the CCIM Institute had recognized John Lauriello’s contributions with an endowed scholarship.  In 2014, I talked about the implementation of our training program for new brokers and what an impact it had not just on the new brokers but on the veterans who administered the program. Continue reading “Inside Southpace with Bryan Holt, CCIM”

Crowdfunding: The Future of Commercial Real Estate Investment?

crowdfunding2Crowdfunding has become a huge trend in investing and it’s become more and more popular over the past few years. Many aspects such as the convenience and the lower risks have drawn in not only investors, but entrepreneurs as well.

According to Forbes, the volume of global crowdfunding platforms increased from $530 million in 2009 to more than $2.8 billion in 2012.

And this is a trend that won’t be fading away any time soon.

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Investors ride the wave in secondary markets, including Birmingham

Michael RandmanBy Michael Randman, Southpace Broker

According to Real Capital Analytics, investment sales surpassed $355 billion in 2013. That’s a 19 percent increase from the $299 billion in sales in 2012.

What’s behind this boost in investment sales?

As well described in this recent article, “Surf’s Up,” published in CCIM’s Commercial Investment Real Estate magazine, we’re starting to see a trickledown effect in our local market. National buyers are purchasing commercial properties here in Birmingham because of the arbitrage in CAP rate pricing.

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The Alabama Chapter of the CCIM Institute Presents the John Lauriello Scholarship Award

John Lauriello AwardWe’re proud to announce that Southpace Properties Principal John Lauriello, CCIM was recently honored with a named endowment scholarship from the Alabama Chapter of the Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) Institute.

What will now be known as the John Lauriello Scholarship Award will provide $1,000 tuition assistance for a core class to an Alabama CCIM chapter member. A recipient of the scholarship will be awarded annually and must be a current chapter member in good standing.

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Inside Southpace with Bryan Holt, CCIM, CLS

Bryan HoltLas Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Atlanta, Denver, Chicago….We went all over the country this past year—not for real estate deals in these cities, but to LEARN, CONNECT and LEAD. Our business is largely built on referrals from relationships we build both here in Birmingham and around the country in the organizations that serve our industry. Every year we spend a good deal of time and effort on learning, connecting and leading, but 2013 was exceptional on all three fronts.

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The Journey of Becoming a CCIM

By Tyler Bradford, CCIM, Southpace Broker

Earning the Certified Commercial Investment Membership (CCIM) designation takes a lot of hard work and even more dedication. It’s a prestigious title that recognizes each member as an industry expert who’s proficient in both theory and practice. Now that I’ve earned my designation, it’s an honor to be Southpace’s 13th CCIM designee.

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Southpace broker Sloan Stevens awarded scholarship

At Southpace, we love to see our brokers continue their education and grow their portfolios to become the best of the best in commercial real estate. This usually means becoming a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM), and it’s part of the reason why we have the most designees under one roof than any other commercial brokerage in the state. Continue reading “Southpace broker Sloan Stevens awarded scholarship”

Community Caring In Motion Day Helps Cordova Family Rebuild

By Andrew Loveman, CCIM, 2012 Alabama CCIM Chapter President

It’s been more than 18 months since the deadly tornadoes of April 27, 2011 swept through Alabama. You can still see a few signs of the storms in places like Tuscaloosa, Cullman and Birmingham, but in Cordova, a small town in Walker County that’s about an hour outside of Birmingham, the destruction has been mostly untouched. Continue reading “Community Caring In Motion Day Helps Cordova Family Rebuild”