New Technology Makes Property Management More Efficient

By Heather Turner, Southpace Management Supervisor

In this day and age, there’s not much that is immune from the effects of advancing technology. At Southpace, we think that’s a pretty good thing, especially when it benefits our clients.

To keep our property management process as efficient as possible while our portfolio quickly expands, we have begun using Tracker Systems, a GPS enabled software that tracks our seven technicians and property inspector in the field. With this new technology, we know where the techs are, which properties they are closest to and how the schedule for the day is going. With so many techs and so many properties, this has been a huge help.

In the past, if I needed to change the day’s schedule or an emergency came up, I had to get on the phone and call all the techs to see where they were, what they were doing and when they might be able to get to another property where they were needed. This resulted in tons of wasted time.

Now, I can just pull the tracking system up on my computer, smart phone or tablet and find each tech immediately. It gives clients a faster response time and lowers their costs while significantly boosting our efficiency.

The technology is pretty amazing. It’s real time, updating every two minutes, so as the techs travel, I can find where each vehicle is located almost instantaneously when the situation calls for it. It also has a reporting system that provides a detailed back-up log showing when each property was visited, the work performed and time spent. This is a very handy way to show our clients their property is getting the attention it deserves.

We are also in the process of building a completely customized app that will eventually result in a paperless work order system for us. The techs will be able to access the app from their smart phones to receive service requests and fill out forms.  They can update their own progress wirelessly, include photos in their reports and even generate their own work orders when they encounter new issues in the field.  Everything is geo-coded allowing us to view the reports in list form or even in a map view.

We believe this new technology builds on our core business; We add value to the use and ownership of commercial real estate.

Southpace Properties, Inc. is Alabama’s largest independent commercial real estate firm. At Southpace, we add value to the use and ownership of commercial real estate through services such as office, retail, land, warehouse and industrial sales and leasing, tenant and landlord representation, development, consulting, investment sales, property management and construction management. With nine CCIM designees, Southpace has one of the state’s highest number of CCIM accredited brokers under one roof.

2 Replies to “New Technology Makes Property Management More Efficient”

  1. Hether, congrats on your new tracking technology.It will definitely result in a more efficient property management operation. The most important part of any GPS type system is having the locations accurately pinned. Having said that, Southpace, once again, has proven why they are number one down there!

    Nick Sampone,
    Operations Consultant

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