October Done Deals

Jim Collins of Southpace Properties, Inc. represented DaVita, Inc. in the leasing of 6,000 SF of medical office space at 1809 Avenue H in Ensley, Alabama. The site has been redeveloped as dialysis clinic and occupancy is imminent. Collins also represented DaVita, Inc. in the leasing of 6,000 SF of medical office space at the corner of Maxey Drive and Courson Boulevard in Leeds, Alabama. The site is currently being redeveloped and occupancy is scheduled for early 2012. Continue reading “October Done Deals”

Straight Talk with John Lauriello

By John Lauriello, Southpace Properties, Inc. Principal

I’m blogging for the first time today, because at Southpace Properties, Inc., we are not going to sit back and be yesterday’s news as the world is changing around us. Plus, I’m kind of excited to learn how to communicate with folks in a different way in addition to the way I have done it all my life.  I don’t care to text while I am driving.  Nor do I want to respond to people when I’m in a car or airplane.  I think that’s a little off the wall.  Continue reading “Straight Talk with John Lauriello”

Done Deals

Here’s what we’ve been up to lately.

Bryan Holt and Tyler Bradford of Southpace Properties, Inc. represented Tre’za Fine Salads and Wood Fired Pizza in the leasing of 3,000 SF of retail space at Town Brookhaven in Atlanta, Georgia. Holt also represented Chipotle in the leasing of retail space at 346 West Magnolia Avenue in Auburn, Alabama. Construction has begun to make modifications to the property before the grand opening. Holt is the exclusive agent for Chipotle in the state of Alabama. Bradford also represented 32 Degrees Yogurt Bar in the leasing of 1,750 SF on Highway 98 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

John Lauriello and Blake Crowe of Southpace Properties, Inc. represented Upchurch, Watson, White and Max in the leasing of 5,500 SF of office space at 2000A Southbridge Parkway, Suite 400 in Continue reading “Done Deals”

Southpace sign almost a reality

We were excited to see Jeremy Erdreich’s blog, Bhamarchitect, give a shout-out preview of our plans for an illuminated, projecting sign on the historic Title Building downtown where we make our home (frankly, we were even more excited that the sign package was approved by the Birmingham Design Review Committee!)

We obviously have continued optimism that the commercial real estate market is in the process of continuing to turn around, based on our conversations with our friends and colleagues in the marketplace, and also based on our pipelines.

We think this signals good news for all other Alabama businesses!

For more information about our new Southpace signage and Jeremy’s other thoughts on the continuing architectural revitalization of downtown Birmingham, read the rest of his blog post here.