Show us your swag

Can you spot the Southpace logo in this picture that was taken in Uganda, Africa earlier this year by our Director of Marketing and Research, Christen Lewis.

If you workout at any local YMCA, or country club, or run in any neighborhood in metro Birmingham, or maybe even in other cities around the world, chances are you’ve noticed a person or two wearing a Southpace tee shirt. This is just normal everyday life because at Southpace, we’re known for our “swag.”

We’ve got tee shirts, koozies, flashlights, sweatshirts, cell phone holders, luggage tag indicators, cups, tank tops, chapstick, teddy bears, hats, key chains, license plate tags, pens, gym bags, lunch coolers and much, much more. You name it and we’ve probably turned it purple and put a Southpace logo on it. And we like to pass this swag out to our clients, charities, friends and family members in metro Birmingham and across the country.

In fact, we often get e-mails from folks who have been on vacation and stumbled across someone with a piece of Southpace swag and just had to tell us about it because it was so unexpected that they saw our swag so far away from home. These e-mails got us thinking there must be more people who have seen the logo some place unexpected, but just didn’t send us a photo or an e-mail. So now we want you to SHOW US YOUR SWAG.

We wanna know, where’s the most unexpected place you’ve seen the Southpace logo or worn your Southpace gear? Maybe you took your favorite Southpace koozie with you on a fishing trip off a tropical, exotic coast. Or maybe you wore your Southpace tee shirt while skydiving or riding an elephant in Africa. Or maybe you’ve been on one of these trips and seen someone else with Southpace swag.

Wherever you’ve seen the Southpace purple—whether on yourself or someone else—we’d love to see it too! So take a photo and either post it on our Facebook wall or e-mail it to We’ll add the photos you send to our Southpace Swag album on Facebook.

And be sure to leave a comment with your name and where your photo was taken because if you send us something cool, maybe we’ll hook you up with more swag!


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