Straight Talk with John Lauriello

As we get into the thick of the holiday season and near the end of the year, I am totally thankful for living in this great country and especially in Birmingham, Alabama. I have personally been very blessed. I made about every mistake one could make early in my life but by growing up some (not completely) and working hard, I have been given every opportunity to be successful and be part of a very successful 28 year old company.

One of the many great things about our company and our people is we have always found ways of giving back to this community. We give to many local charities. In fact we will give to 28 charities this year to celebrate our 28 years in business. Next year we will give to 29. In addition, we adopt families in trouble each and every holiday season and provide gifts, food, money, etc. for local folks in need. We do not wear our faith on our sleeves and tell the world about it, but we have people in our company from various faiths and beliefs, and we respect them all and support the charities and organizations that are important to them.

We are so thankful to the people in this city who have been wonderful to Southpace and me individually. Have there been some folks who have not been willing to work with this crazy Italian from upstate New York who moved here about 42 years ago, or our great company? Absolutely. This is simply a part of life: not everyone is going to like you. But if you’re honest, work hard and your clients and friends know that you are working to protect their interests first, you will have as much business as you want. And that is really something to be thankful for! Happy holidays!

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  1. That’s good John. I’ve been to many countries and every time we come back to USA I kiss the ground and thank God for this great nation.
    It’s been good working for Southpace and your clients. I meet many businesses and business owners. You can usually know within a short time with the owner(s) if the business will succeed. Southpace has succeeded for 28 years because of your leadership.
    We look forward with excitement to install the new exterior sign. It’s going to represent you well and improve the image of downtown Birmingham.
    I wish you well, a Merry Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous 2012.

    Mark Williams
    Reliable Sign Services

  2. Dittos, Pal! Your expertise, loyalty, honesty, and friendship are what set you and your team apart from everyone else. SouthPace’s reputation wont’ be surpassed or even equalled by any other firm in this industry, and that’s a tribute to its leadership. Thanks for being good friends, advisors, partners and leaders over the past 3 decades – as you say, you’re “good people!” Best wishes for the holidays and a very healthy, prosperous, and Happy New Year!
    Stephen P. Leara
    Wallace, Jordan, Ratliff & Brandt, LLC
    Birmingham, AL

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