Straight Talk with John Lauriello

If you’re like me, you’re probably sick of hearing about health care reform. But I can’t ignore the fact that it will affect me, my grandchildren and our employees.

I certainly think there’s a need for health care reform. I think everyone should have coverage, but what scares me and a lot of other people is the government running it. Whether we’re talking about county, state or federal government, it’s been proven over and over again they can’t do a whole lot very well. It seems like anything the government runs is a mismanaged mess.

I think people should be insured whether they do or don’t have a lot of money and regardless of their circumstances, but I just can’t imagine the government running health care because we’re going to see more fraud and a bunch of folks taking advantage of the system, instead of people getting help that need it.

The problem is that  uninsured people go in and fill up emergency rooms when they have a cold and when there’s something seriously wrong with them. Because they don’t have insurance, the rest of us have to pay since they can’t cover those hospital bills.

As I understand it, the way the bill’s written, it’s going to be another slippery slope of putting this country further and further into more debt.

To me, the worst case scenario is the federal government running anything. Best case is going back to the states.

I think there should be coordination with companies like United Health Care, Blue Cross Blue Shield or some private firm that can oversee everything, monitor the policies, costs and visits to the doctor. The government isn’t set up to do that.

Do I have a perfect solution? No. But I do know the government is the worst option out there.

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3 Replies to “Straight Talk with John Lauriello”

  1. John,
    I can’t say I have faith in the government to run things efficiently and effectively–either the federal or state–however, we have pretty much seen medical costs skyrocketing over the past decades due to private market forces. So I don’t have faith in that system either. Seems like all of the fraud cases I have seen regarding the medical system (Medicare and Medicaid) have been the government bringing charges against the private sector who perpetrated the fraud. The way I understand the health care reform, Medicare and Medicaid will broaden its net (many needy people fall through the holes now in Alabama) to cover those that need help. Other people will purchase private insurance; the insurance companies cannot discriminate because of prior health conditions; families can keep their children on their private insurance until they are 26 and government is requiring doctors and hospitals prove they are giving quality care. For example, if a hospital sends someone home and they have to return immediately, the hospital gets penalized for that. The medical profession is being forced to computerize and that has already resulted in better service. I have seen it when I go to a specialist and they have instant access to my records. I don’t know if this Reform is going to work or be enough, but the current system is broken for many many people. I am fortunate to have good insurance, so I don’t feel it personally, but I see it.

  2. I completely agree with your comments John! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. This county is on a downward spiral to it’s demise and Big Government is to blame. It is time to bring this country back to fiscal responsibility and time to stop trying to create dependency of the masses to the government. Let’s get people back to work and find alternative ways to provide insurance opportunities for all.

  3. I think there’s a reasonable chance we can make Federal Health Care as efficient as the rest of the first world’s. After all, we already spend about 15% of our GDP on health care, more than the other first world countries that outlive us. They all have various systems that are much more honest and fair to all their citizens, so let’s get over our providers’ propaganda. The US has done very well at integrating the best that our immigrants’ have brought here and we have adopted great things from a distance, too. It’s time to stop our dependence on the health organizations that are milking us— they have become more bloated than any big government bureaucracy.

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