Straight Talk with John Lauriello

The presidential election is still several months away, and I think people are worn out already.

To me, it feels like the current president has been campaigning since he was elected. Then, on the other side of the aisle, we had Republicans beating each other up for over a year. Every time they have a chance to win an election, they seem to screw it up by fighting with each other.

Personally, the far right scares the hell out of me as much as the far left. Maybe more so.

But honestly, I don’t have a whole lot of faith in any politician. I don’t believe the folks running for office, including the existing president, are great choices.

I don’t think President Obama has done a totally terrible job; remember he inherited a mess. But I do think he’s too much for big government, and we have to change that. He is from Chicago and his base of support is from left of center to the far left.

We just can’t keep going like this or we’re on our way to becoming another Greece or Spain.  And everyone’s to blame for that – Republicans, Independents and Democrats.

The best thing that could happen would be term limits for any office. The president is out in eight years, if he’s elected twice. I think we need the same thing in Congress and the Senate. Eight years and you’re out.

We’ve got guys and gals up there buying votes, and their primary concern is raising money to run again and how much they can give to folks who vote for them. It’s insane. This country has been sold out by both of these parties, in my opinion.

A lot of my Republican friends blame our country’s economic collapse in 2008 on poor people buying houses they couldn’t afford, but a lot of rich people bought homes and condos they couldn’t afford. And instead of buying one condo, some folks bought five.

And let’s not forget the Wall Street Gang.  Too many people took advantage of our system, all believing that stocks and real estate would only go up, never down.

Our issues are becoming a bigger problem because they will span generations. And unfortunately, young people are going to be the ones to suffer. This is partially because my generation includes a bunch of selfish people, more takers than givers, but also because parents today have become concierge parents, giving their kids everything they want and doing everything for them. They don’t even ask them to take the garbage out any more. It’s time to shake everybody up from all parts of life. Rich, poor and everyone in between.

I don’t think there’s any perfect solution other than balance. We’re totally out of balance. Republicans and Democrats can’t agree on anything. There’s a way out of the mess we’re in, but I don’t think either side of the present aisle can get us there right now.  We have not had a budget in 3 years.  What does that say about our government?

Of all the programs I have heard or read about to get us out of this mess, The Simpson and Bowles Report/Plan makes the most sense. They are two guys not running for office, a Republican and Democrat, who came up with a balanced approach to solving our country’s issues.

Everyone takes a little bit of a hit, and it’s not perfect. Rich people aren’t going to totally like it. Poor people aren’t going to totally like it, and those in between won’t totally like it. But it’s definitely telling it like it is with a long term plan to stop the craziness.

If you get a chance to listen to the proposal by these two people, their approach makes more sense than all the others combined.

But our current president and Congress do not have the guts to follow their suggestions because they all fear not being re-elected if they approve a plan that has some sacrifices now, but long term benefits for the future. They do not give us much credit for having “common sense.” What a mess!

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  1. John,

    I feel like the climate is ripe for putting an initiative (referendum) on the ballot regarding Term limits for our Congressional representatives. What would it take to get this on the ballot in November? I hear many talk about it, some states are doing it, how do we get it done? Jerome

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