Straight Talk with John Lauriello

By John Lauriello, Southpace Properties, Inc. Principal

I’m blogging for the first time today, because at Southpace Properties, Inc., we are not going to sit back and be yesterday’s news as the world is changing around us. Plus, I’m kind of excited to learn how to communicate with folks in a different way in addition to the way I have done it all my life.  I don’t care to text while I am driving.  Nor do I want to respond to people when I’m in a car or airplane.  I think that’s a little off the wall.  I won’t be walking around talking to people with a headset or using my thumbs to click morning, noon and night, but I do think that there are folks we should be reaching or who need to be reaching us.

Some older people, like me, have been in this business for 40 or 50 years and  don’t want to lose the personal contact we have with our clients and the service and knowledge we provide, but even as a 63 year old guy, I know that computers, iPhones, iPads and social media are a part of life now.

We want to make sure our older agents and staff, as well as the younger folks and the ones in the middle (who in fairness, have a much greater understanding of this new world) are all able to communicate however we need to with whoever we need to. We have always tried to be in the front of any trends and changes in the way we do business. And what I’m saying is, as an older person who fights change like most older people do, there are not a lot of our competitors that are involved in the social media aspect of life or in business.

In the little bit I’ve learned about social media, it tells me we need to have all the basic tools, plus we need to be in the forefront of all these other changes going on too. Otherwise, a year or two from now, we are going to be yesterday’s news.  So we need to use all the bells and whistles and all of the tools available to our staff and our brokers to get re-educated because that benefits our clients. We need the knowledge and interaction with human beings face to face as well as on the internet and every other way we can do it. I think everybody wins that way!

5 Replies to “Straight Talk with John Lauriello”

  1. John,
    I think you are totally right! There are many ways to help clients of all generations and, as the wonderful company Southpace is, you are using all the resources available to you to provide the best service possible.

    Vicki Tyler, CCIM
    Paces Commercial Real Estate Atlanta

  2. John, congrats on the blog. I look forward to reading more from you about politcs, taxes (funny how tax assessors were so quick to raise values and are now reluctant to adjust to true market value) people and deals. Thanks for your leadership.

  3. Oh boy, now you have a 69 year old trying out this new way of “talking” and let me tell you something, John; this is really a big change in our communication.Having said all that, if it’s good enough for you, pal, it is good enough for me to try. Let’s rock and roll!!

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